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Jonie Stone is a native of Georgia. She was born in Atlanta and raised in the beautiful mountains of North Georgia. She currently resides in Cumming, Georgia with her husband, Garry, two children, James and Hanna, and her nieces, Savannah and Yazmin.
She started singing in church with her parents at the age of 5. Singing came natural and was a huge part of her up-bringing and daily life. Her dad, an accomplished musician, instilled in her the love for music and melody. While, her mom taught her the appreciation of lyrics in the power of words and vocal harmonies.

For Jonie, music has afforded her the opportunity to rise above stress and the worries of life. Through her life journey, Jonie has experienced various challenges and physical health issues. But what has remained constant is her desire to draw from the healing powers of music. It became her safe place; her place of freedom, her place of confidence.

" Where there seems to be constant chaos, melodies have the power to heal."

Jonie has witnessed first-hand the miracles and power of music. This is why she has devoted her life to handle her gift and talent with the absolute respect and care. She believes that lyrics, sound, rhythms, harmonies, and melodies have the ability to heal deep wounds of the heart, mind, body, spirit, and the soul. Which, not even the most accomplished health care professional can access.

Her music appreciation has led her to explore the many possibilities in the genres of Pop, R&B, Gospel, Southern gospel, Bluegrass, Country, and Contemporary Christian music which has shaped her versatility as a singer, songwriter, performer and worship pastor/ leader. With unity, compassion, and love always at the forefront as she sings; her heart’s desire is that her music will help others discover their dreams; to persevere and never give up no matter what life may throw in their path. With God all things are possible.

Jonie Stone is currently working on 2 projects. One of the project will focus on her first love, worship and the second will focus on life journeys and experiences we are currently facing. Both projects are set to focus as an inspirational sound to the world and church world. Her vision is to not only be affective in the Christian industry but to be an instrument and voice to all genres of music. The dates of her project will soon be released to the public.

God alone is the center of Jonie's existence and the true love of her heart and spirit. It is through her love for God that she has learned to loved herself and other people. Her talent has allowed her to interact with various cultures and people of various backgrounds, which has afforded her the opportunity to understand humanity at a deeper level. As she constantly interacts with different people, she is always excited to see God in a different way....this is her lifesong.

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